Lenovo’s partnership with the NAF brings a robust mobile app development curriculum and delivery program to NAF academies. The Lenovo Scholar Network, now in its third year, is designed to provide high school students with an intensive application development program to enable the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs. The Lenovo Scholar Network encourages greater interest among underserved high school students in STEM subjects while providing them with skills to succeed in the 21st century.

Students use the MIT App Inventor service developed by the Center for Mobile Learning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a joint project of the MIT Media Lab and MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, to develop their apps. Teachers receive additional support from including access to MIT’s self-guided teacher course on App Inventor, introductory webinars and an in-person training with App Inventor staff, and regular open office hours with a MIT master trainer.

Lenovo has provided PC and tablet devices to each of the participating schools to aid the students and teachers in implementing the curriculum. The products include PC devices for student development and coding collaboration, and Lenovo tablet devices for the testing and viability of the mobile apps.

This year more than 1,800 NAF students from 50 academies across the United States are participating in mobile app develop project. Academies were selected by NAF through a competitive application process.

Participating academies are hosting local contests and showcases in early March. Each academy will enter two apps into the national competition. Judges will select the five best apps and the student teams who developed these apps will win a trip to Dallas, Texas, to be recognized at NAF Next, NAF’s signature annual conference, for their achievements.

More information can be found at lenovoscholars.com, including the winning apps from the 2017 competition.

Hackathon Sponsors


$12,500 in prizes

Travel Support to Come to NAF Next in Washington, D.C. (5)

The top 5 student teams will win a trip to Washington,D.C., to be recognized at NAF Next, NAF’s signature annual conference, for their achievements.

Devpost Achievements

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Colleen Devery

Colleen Devery

Judging Criteria

  • Problem Relevance
    5 Stars - Very relevant, solution doesn’t exist, useful for broad audience; 4 Stars - Relevant/original; 3 Stars - Some aspects relevant/original; 2 Stars - Not-relevant and/or an adequate solution already exists; 1 Star - Not addressed by the materials
  • Adequacy of Solution
    5 Stars - Addresses all aspects of problem and is exceptional in some way; 4 Stars - Addresses all aspects of problem; 3 Stars - Addresses most aspects; 2 Stars - Addresses some aspects of problem; 1 Star - Doesn’t address any aspects of problem
  • Creativity and Innovation in the Solution
    5 Stars -Completely original or elegant reimagining of existing app; 4 Stars -Mostly original, uses some ideas from existing apps; 3 Stars -Some original ideas, mostly replicates existing apps; 2 Stars -Replicates existing solutions; 1 Star -Not addressed
  • Quality of Graphical User Interface (GUI)/Design
    5 Stars - GUI is very appealing, layout is clear & unobtrusive; 4 Stars - GUI is appealing and easy to navigate; 3 Stars - Very basic GUI; 2 Stars - GUI is incomplete and/or missing features; 1 Star - Not addressed
  • Functionality
    5 Stars - Meets app goals & has additional useful features; 4 Stars - Fully meets goals; 3 Stars - Somewhat useable though features anticipated are missing or don’t work; 2 Stars - App as presented is unusable; 1 Star - Not addressed by materials
  • Usability
    5 Stars - Very easy for any audience, has visual/auditory feedback to make user experience simple; 4 Stars - Easy even for someone new to technology; 3 Stars - Usable by sophisticated user; 2 Stars - Difficult/frustrating to use; 1 Star - Not addressed
  • Quality of Materials
    5 Stars - Imaginative & informative, includes motivation and solution; 4 Stars - Covered all relevant info but unimaginative; 3 Stars - Didn’t cover all relevant aspects; 2 Stars - Didn’t cover any topics related to app; 1 Star- No supporting materials

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